Friday, May 19, 2006

Muchas Maracas Coproduction Contest

Muchas Maracas Entry for Etsy Coproduction Contest Maracas are the quintessential percussion musical instruments, paired rattles made originally from gourds. African tribal, South Pacific Island, and the Latin and South American cultures traditionally associated with the rhythms of maracas all developed a variety of hollowed dried plant parts using seeds, beads, beans, or small stones inside. The actual name maraca for a gourd rattle is thought to have originated with the Araucanian people of central Chile. The maracas listed here have been painstakingly and lovingly handcrafted as a team cooperative effort by Carey Haslam (wildwood), Barry L. Loewen (canadianwoodcrafts), Yazmin Wickham (aprettyrock), and Sandra Porter (HolesomeBeadsJewelry) for Etsy’s Coproduction Contest with great attention to authenticity and functionality. The contest entry can also be seen or purchased here.

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carey said...

Grab your maracas and shake 'em! It was like one big fiesta...our teams performed like a band! A Salsa band! And we managed to create the Giant Chachas and have fun doing it. Adios Amigo! Carey H.