Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Traditional Style Wooden Eating Spoons

These Beautiful Apple Wood Spoons were a custom order for an SCA member and have been purchased, however anyone else wishing something similar Please contact me and I would be more than Happy to carve something special for you. These are one of a kind as no patteren was used they are carved totaly by eye and are similar but not identical. Please feel free to browse my shop as well and be sure to check out my sold items while your there to see some of the diversity of things I create. http://canadianwoodcrafts.etsy.com Wishing You A Wonderful Day.

Barry Lee Loewen


Carolyn said...

I sure would like one of your apple wood eating spoons. Have been looking for a new wood spoon to eat with for a long time. Can you tell me how much you would charge to make one for me? And do you have any idea of shipping cost to Arizona, US?

Thank you,

spooncarver said...
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filiz said...


I love you spoons, do you sell them and if so how much? I live in the uk. Could you also advise if they are coated with any chemicals.

Great work, look forward to hearing from you soon.


kind regards


spooncarver said...

Hi Filiz, Thanks for your comment I have sent A reply to your email Addy :)


Pikko said...

I looked at your etsy shop, but you only seem to make baby spoons. Can you make some regular spoons for eating?

spooncarver said...

Hi Pikko, I would be more then Happy to carve you some regular eating spoons. Feel free to contact me a woodenspooncanada (at)yahoo.ca and let me know what your after :)